2014 My Favourite Little Bits

2014 My Favourite Little Bits

2014 has been pretty action packed to say the least. I thought I would do a little round up of my favourite Little Wheels happenings this year. In no particular order here it is - 

Berlin Biking

In March this year I went to Berlin with my running family Run Dem Crew to run the Half Marathon there. Myself and my delightful friends from Manchester's Still Waters Run Deep(also fellow fixie lovers) decided to have a little adventure around the city, all by bike of course. I had been following this bike hire shop Hello World Berlin on Instagram for a while and knew I had to make a visit. It wasn't just any bike hire shop, it was THE BEST! There were no standard hire bikes it was just vintage steel fun. We all picked up some jazzy bikes. I got myself a beautiful single speed Colnago, which was an absolute dream for the city. Sadly Hello World Berlin closed their store a few months after my visit. If it was still there I would one million percent recommend you to go to Berlin now and hire bikes, cruise around the awesome city and visit the disused Templehof Airport for added fun times. It's such a great idea for a shop, I wish every city had one cause slow, heavy-ass hire bikes make me sad. 

One of my favourite things to do when on holiday is bike shop hunting, I didn't have time to check the Goldsprint shop but I'm sure I'll be back there soon. I did make it to Standert which has a nice little cafe along with some dreamy bikes and parts too. I also stopped by the Keirin Cafe which was the worlds first dedicated track bike shop. Definitely stop by these places if you're in town. 


The LFGSS track days are held a few times a year. This was my first time racing with my Goldsprint at Herne Hill Velodrome and it was a great day apart from constantly battling with gearing choices but that is nothing new to me. I always love days like this which are open and welcoming to people who don't race or ride track very often and it's great to get more females racing too. It's not taken too seriously, it's always lots of fun with some decent prizes too. I even got my favourite hoody here. I'm looking forward to more days like this in 2015.

New York Bike Shop Hunting

This year I ventured to New York on yet another running adventure with Run Dem Crew. I did my usual bike shop hunt which was pretty epic and found myself leaving with too many T-shirts as always. One of my favourites was Chari and Co, it was a little cave of goodness, some dreamy steel frames and a lot of really nice clothing. King Kog was also a cave of bike goodness with more vintage steel gems. Mott Street Cycles sell their own brand of fixed and single-speed bikes and also have a sweet range of parts and accessories as well as some neat clothing. 

My favourite day spent in the big apple was when a bunch of us hired bikes (yes, those crappy hire bikes) and our lovely friend's from New York's Bridge Runners took us on a little tour. I actually have no idea where we started, somewhere in Manhattan but we ended up at Coney Island. The weather was delightful, it was hot and we were loving life cruising along on our heavy bikes with not a care in the world. The views were epic and the company was perfect. When we reached Coney Island we went to the Luna Park to ride one of the oldest roller coasters in the world. It was so rickety it was a lot scarier than expected. It was a perfect day and I'd definitely recommend it. 

Bikes Abroad

This year I also discovered the joy of taking your baby abroad. Obviously my 'baby' is my two wheels. I took my little wheels to Hungary to go visit some family and catch a few rays. The nightmare of taking it apart and packing it into a cardboard box was definitely worth it though. I didn't manage to ride that far but just being on your own bike in another land is a dream. I rode a little in Budapest and a bit around Lake Balaton, which was pretty breathtaking to say the least. Next year I'll definitely take my wheels away with me more. 

Dunwich Dynamo

This was my second year doing the Dynamo and if you don't already know about it, then get to know! 200KM (120M) of riding through the night. Last year I did it single speed and it wasn't too bad. I had probably rode about 80/90Miles fixed so wasn't too worried. There were about 30 of us and thanks to Clarence we all got our own coach back to London together. We started out as a group but it was a very mixed bunch so people split off. We were going at a fairly decent speed but by half way my legs were absolutely sick of spinning and I wanted nothing more than to freewheel. This year I didn't stop as many times and did it slightly faster. I wasn't used to my spinny gearing of 48x18. By the end I couldn't have been happier to stop cycling! Still it was so nice to ride with so many of my friends altogether and I loved it despite my little struggle. Next time I'll have a better think about my gearing and who knows maybe I'll do it on a road bike ;)

Track World Cup

I absolutely love watching track racing, whether it's my friends racing at track league or the pros showing us how it's done, I just love it. I was lucky enough to watch both the Saturday and the Sunday. The level of skill was amazing, there were quite a few crashes and all the riders just got straight back up as though nothing had happened. I still can't get over Tim Veldt crashing and then winning in the men's elimination race. It was epic! 

The Cake Ride

I couldn't mention my favourite moments of the year without mentioning the cake ride. It was great to ride with all the girls and I can't wait to do more bigger and better next year


Thank you to everyone who has supported us and been a part of our little journey. Looking forward to many more next year!

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